Bump of the Day – Live Last – Scream and Shout (Skrillex Remix)


If you can’t tell by now, I’m a bit of a Skrillex fanatic.  While one of his earlier works, this song packs some staccato brutality that isn’t really seen in such a rare form in his more recent releases.  However, this just once again proves Skrillex’s versatility in all forms of electronic music, making him more than the widely abused and inaccurate “brostep” term.  Not to discredit Live Last, but it isn’t even relevant to talk about them here – this is a completely new song from the original.  If you feel compelled to check out the original, go hop on their Myspace, though it seems that they may have since disbanded (don’t hold me to that).  If you do hop over there you’ll likely be surprised at what you hear.  Skrillex took a pop-punk upstart and turned it into this brutal wave of audiophile gold, starting off his launch into electro/dubstep stardom.

Download Live Last – Scream and Shout (Skrillex Remix)

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