Bare Noize – ADE Mix

Chew the Fat!

After a long birthday weekend off, I return to you with a hot-off-the-press mix from masters of brutality, Bare Noize.  In preparation for their set at Chew The Fat! in Amsterdam this October, this mix was thrown out as a teaser for what to expect from this monstrous event.  Featuring their remixes and work with Skrillex, Ellie Golding, Tinie Tempah, and more, this 15 minute power play should leave you drooling for more.  Fall all you in Europe (and all you in the U.S. with too much money), get over the Chew The Fat! ADE Showcase on October 20th!  Featuring Bare Noize, Bar 9, Borgore, Chasing Shadows, and more titans of the turntable; this is one synthetic audio massacre you’ll be pissed you missed.

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