Fine Tuned Artist Spotlight: Teo Acosta

Teo Acosta

As a genre, dubstep often comes under criticism for being too uniform in its sound and production.  Naysayers will fire against the electronically-induced music saying that it all just “sounds the same.”  Well, as with all genres, it takes innovation to make progress.  That awestruck moment where the audience  says “damn, I’ve never heard it done quite like that before”: that’s what it’s about.  Enter Teo.

A true success story in the world of production, Teo Acosta is an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with.  I use the word “force” not only because of his rise to the top, but also as a perfect descriptor of the punch that his music will deliver directly to your chest.  Graphic/Audio Designer by day and producer/DJ by night, creativity leaks into every aspect of Teo’s life.  It’s this fluid creativity that fuels the massive sounds in his production.  It’s also his background.

Teo is a born-and-bread gamer, and uses that passion in a lot of his production.  Major tracks such as “Tiger Uppercut,” “Dungeons & Dubstep,” and “Viridian Forest (Pokestep)” pay homage to the great games we all know and love with a bass-wobbling, dubstep flair.  In his remixes he adds a certain degree of flexibility that bend any genre definition that may restrict some artists.  His renditions go from the hard-hitting, distorted bass of dubstep’s signature to the melodic, trance-like melodies of his other works (such as his rendition of Carolyn Malachi’s “Beautiful Dreamer”).  Taking   elements of 8-bit, classic dubstep, and modern hardstyle, this sound is not only here to stay – it’s here to grow.

Don’t mistake this versatility for looseness in definition.  There are trends and then there are movements.  Teo is part of a movement in electronic music that is ascending to heights not yet reached by past counterparts.  The mold of the definition is changing and Teo is sticking his hands in the clay.

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  1. some how resurrection reminds me of my childhood :O

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