Skrillex – Kyoto (Feat. Sirah) [Disics Extended Mix]


I think I may have listened to this song over 25 times today.  And considering I woke up at 1, today has been short.  Why yes, that is “Ruffneck Bass” in the background (not “Ruffneck”).  Doing what he does best, Skrillex takes one of his own extremely popular unreleased tracks and chops and bends it till you can’t stop moving.  Per usual with these unreleased tracks, I’ve thrown up a high quality extended mix, this time from Disics (Thank you!).  This track rocks a sort-of moombah/dub flow that even a lot of “anti-brostep” crybabies might appreciate.  Then, as if dropped down upon these waveforms by the swift hand of the gods, Sirah comes in to absolutely tear apart a verse.  Yes, that’s right, hardcore female rapping and dubstep.  What more could you ask for? Oh yeah: Yo Skrill, drop it hard.

Download Skrillex – Kyoto (Feat. Sirah) [Disics Extended Mix]

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