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Nero’s Dubstep Symphony on BBC1

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WOW would be an understatement.  Nero teams up with the BBC Philharmonic to deliver one of the most innovative and beautiful compositions of modern music.  The classical foreground blends perfectly with Nero’s tunes and delicate electronic ambiance to create a head-on masterpiece of modern and classical music.  I still have goosebumps.

Nero BBC

Identity Festival 2011

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Identity Festival

Talk about a clusterbomb of big name rage jams.  Identity Fest 2011 brings you HUGE names such as Steve Aoki, Nero, Avicii, Rusko, Pretty Lights, Skrillex, Datsik, and plenty more – all in the same place.  If there’s one festival you want to make sure you catch before the end of this year, it’s DEFINITELY this one.  Identity will be hauling beats to 20 cities across the country so check below for the date nearest you.

Full List of Identity Festival Dates & Cities

Purchase Identity Festival tickets via Ticketmaster

Dayglow Blu – Fall 2011 Tour

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Dayglow Blu

Ladies and Gentlemen, the world’s largest paint party brings you the fall 2011 tour lineup!! Dayglow Blu kicks off the Phase 1 leg of the fall 2011 cross-country extravaganza.  Not familiar?  Just imagine one of the largest electronic music festivals surrounded by neon and white clothing, but while being COATED in neon paint.  Yea, that’s what I thought.  Ticket’s dropped today so make sure you don’t miss out on this rave of neon fantasy.  Check the dates for the show near you and keep checking back on the links below for tickets.

Ticket Sales Via Ticketfly

Ticket Sales Via Ticketmaster

Skrillex reems some bro out at a show

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Just came across this on YouTube and I gotta say, I wish I had been there to see this.  What you have here is a clash of two things that get along like water and oil- an awesome musician and a crowd full of alcohol-poisoned d-bags wearing lax pinnies.  That’s one demographic of fans that doesn’t make sense to me.  But I digress.  After getting pegged with a full beer can, Skrillex tells this guy how it is and then pleads the crowd not to pound Mr. Keith Stone’s willing ass cheeks into next Tuesday.  God I love music.

The Mothership Tour 2011 – Skrillex w/Foreign Beggars, Two Fresh, Nadastram

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Skrillex The Mothership Tour 2011

YES. As one comes to a close, a new chapter opens, baby.  Not far off from finishing his tour with Zedd and Porter Robinson, Skrillex will be heading right back on the road to embark on a new US tour.  For the remainder of the year, Skrill will be rocking all the US hotspots with Foreign Beggars, Two Fresh, and Nadastram ripping up the opening sets.  Tickets go on sale on Ticketmaster 7/25 and if your a registered member on Skrillex’s fan community you can check out the presale link below.  If you’rer planning on joining the ranks of the elite steppers and pick up your tickets soon, make sure you check out the acts for your specific location in the poster (CO you’re getting blessed with Nero and Skrillex in the same night – Promises double remix?).  NY or NJ, i’ll see one of you on the floor.

Presale For Registered Skrillex Fan Community Members

Ticket Sales via Ticketmaster

Skrillex Essential Mix

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Sundays suck, right? Well screw that, we’re making it a party just like any other day. Turn today into a Sunday funday with this raging hour-long mix, dropped live by Skrillex on BBC 1 Radio this spring. If you’ve had the privilege of seeing the big Skrill’ live you may have heard some parts of this mix dropped in an epic fashion. So crank up your speakers and celebrate the Lord’s day with some holy bass.

Download The Skrillex Essential Mix

Click Read More below to see the tracklist

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Deadmau5 – Live at Earls Court Teaser

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Well after seeing this preview, I’m definitely selling my body for ticket money to Meowington’s Hax.  Here’s a short teaser for the live DVD ‘Live at Earls Court’ dropping August 2nd.  I’d imagine this is something like what Disney World on psychedelics would be like, minus It’s a Small World (thank GOD).

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