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Skrillex – Kyoto (Feat. Sirah) [Disics Extended Mix]

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I think I may have listened to this song over 25 times today.  And considering I woke up at 1, today has been short.  Why yes, that is “Ruffneck Bass” in the background (not “Ruffneck”).  Doing what he does best, Skrillex takes one of his own extremely popular unreleased tracks and chops and bends it till you can’t stop moving.  Per usual with these unreleased tracks, I’ve thrown up a high quality extended mix, this time from Disics (Thank you!).  This track rocks a sort-of moombah/dub flow that even a lot of “anti-brostep” crybabies might appreciate.  Then, as if dropped down upon these waveforms by the swift hand of the gods, Sirah comes in to absolutely tear apart a verse.  Yes, that’s right, hardcore female rapping and dubstep.  What more could you ask for? Oh yeah: Yo Skrill, drop it hard.

Download Skrillex – Kyoto (Feat. Sirah) [Disics Extended Mix]

Bump of the Day – Freestylers & Pendulum – Painkiller (Kouncilhouse Remix)

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Here’s a pot of epic soup for you.  Stirred into the recipe are such delectable ingredients such as the dub-flow of the Freestylers, the drum & bass flavor of Pendulum, and the head-banging wobble licks of Kouncilhouse.  Sprinkle on some spicy verses from Sirreal and we have ourselves a finished masterpiece.  The end result is a piping-hot bowl of drumstep’s hottest main dish to be served on the table in years.  Best served hot, so don’t even think about blowing on that spoon.

Buy Freestylers & Pendulum – Painkiller (Kouncilhouse Remix) via Beatport

Figure – This is Halloween

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Figure This Is Halloween

Mwahahahaha. Take a trip down memory lane to the nightmares of your childhood with this chilling tribute to Tim Burton’s classic animated  spook show.  Keeping with the rapidly surging Halloween theme, Figure manages to make this remix appeal to both fans of the original song and those waiting in anticipation for inevitable wobble fest.  So play it for the kids on the 31st, because this one is going to leave some goosebumps.

Buy Figure – This is Halloween

Download Figure – This is Halloween

Urban Assault – Halloween

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Urban Assault

Ah Halloween.  ‘Tis this season for blood, gore, candy, and slutty costumes.  To help you get in the spirit, flip on this pretty dubby little remix of Michael Myer’s knife-stabbing anthem from Heavy Artillery Records.  Or go to a strip club.  Whatever Halloween means to you.  Man, the message of halloween has been lost more than the chocolate eggs and bunnies of easter season.  Let us rejoice.

Download Urban Assault – Halloween

Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (DIGIRAATII Remix)

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Midnight Conspiracy

Someone call the janitor cause someone just dropped the FILTH in here.  Usually drum and bass/drumstep sound cheesy to me but this one redefines the name.  Maybe it’s the massive amount of distortion, maybe it’s the dubstep drop, maybe its the high-octane flow -but whatever it is I’m totally hooked.  This one drops on September 27st on all outlets for you to pick up so sorry, no grabbin’ links yet.  Like the Facebook page on the sidebar and I’ll point you guys in the right direction when it’s out.

Buy Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (DIGIRAATII Remix) via Beatport

Bump of the Day – The Qemists – Renegade

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The Qemists

Another example of UK Rap/Dubstep fusing together for an ultimate banger, The Qemists deliver full throttle with this high-octane collaboration.  Maxsta’s ripping verses over The Qemists drumstep flow serves as another cornerstone for this UK dub-fusion style that has been blowing up the electronic charts.  On the single alone you can find many remixes of this song, but here is the raw original packing just as much of an in-your-face wallop as it should.

Download The Qemists – Renegade

Buy The Qemists – Renegade

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