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T-Top – Sleepwalking

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Feast your sleepy heads on this trippy little ensemble.  Bringing a sound reminiscent of bare-bones electronic roots, T-Top provides a beautiful little piece of production that tickles my experimental fancy.  What makes this work in progress beautiful is that it doesn’t try to be anything that it’s not.  The production value is crisp and to the point, not trying to throw in any unfitting noise or distortion.  The sound is very reminiscent of what you would expect a dream or an old-school video game to sound like.   Always nice to see some experimentation with electronic roots.

Richie Arci – LoveSong

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Richie Archie

I saw this in my inbox and couldn’t pass up listening to a cover of my favorite song from The Cure.  While a very (I mean very) different adaptation of the song, it’s a very listenable and smooth rendition of the 1980s legend’s immortal hit.  Essentially all the elements of electropop vocals are here, along with some trance-synths and a danceable beat.  Though it mat be a very far cry from The Cure’s style, this one will bring a modernized smile to fans with open arms.  Also check out the bumpin’ Electro Club edit.

Download Richie Arci – LoveSong

Also check out the bumpin’ Electro Club edit.

Carolyn Malachi – Beautiful Dreamer [Teo Acosta Remix WIP]

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Teo Acosta

I’m on a huge ambiance kick lately and this remix speaks sweet words to this current obsession.  Teo Acosta delivers again with his unique use of electro and dubstep vibes, further making his name one to be known.  Creating a separate plane of existence for these angelic vocals, Teo’s production brings a track that fans of all genres will be attracted to.  This song is short, but sweet; light, but dark.  In my eyes, a perfect representation of the frequent duality of musical composition.  Make sure to check out the Soundcloud page for more of Teo’s recent dubstep/electro jams.

R.N. Berretta – Revolution Rising

Posted in Electronic, Experimental with tags , on October 3, 2011 by dissonantcognitions

R.N. Berretta

Warning: this is not your standard Fine Tuned track.  If you’re looking for your typical electro song, this is not it.  However, if you are looking for something entirely new and mind-blowing, I dare you to venture further.  R.N. Berretta has sent some floor-bumping mashups our way since Fine Tuned’s initial launch, but this is a whole new game for us and for him.  This is a different category of musical innovation that does not yet have a definition.  If you have any appreciation for true musical prowess, then I have no doubts you will be as engrossed in these sound waves as I am.  Looking forward to more original pieces from this one.

Bump of the Day – Pretty Lights – Hot Like Sauce

Posted in Bump of the Day, Electronic with tags , , on August 9, 2011 by dissonantcognitions

Pretty Lights

If you’ve been anywhere and everywhere, you’ve probably been accompanied by this song on more than one occasion.  Pretty Lights has really blown up as one of the prominent electronic trip-hop dj’s of the scene, this being one of his prominent anthems.  If by some wild chance you havn’t bopped your head to this jam yet, consider this a cultural education.

Download Pretty Lights – Hot Like Sauce

Bump of the Day – The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1977

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Welcome to Fine Tuned’s new daily segment, Bump of the Day.  Here I’ll put putting up songs that aren’t necessarily new but have been fueling my jive on that day.  Enjoy!

The Bloody Beetroots

If it’s possible to be considered hardcore electro, these masked vigilantes define it.  Brutal insanity is all I can say.  Paired with colossal legends Steve Aoki and Bobermann, prepare for a new set of ears.  Try having this stuck in your head sitting at a desk chair.  I can’t wait to go moshing.

Download The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1977

Identity Festival 2011

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Identity Festival

Talk about a clusterbomb of big name rage jams.  Identity Fest 2011 brings you HUGE names such as Steve Aoki, Nero, Avicii, Rusko, Pretty Lights, Skrillex, Datsik, and plenty more – all in the same place.  If there’s one festival you want to make sure you catch before the end of this year, it’s DEFINITELY this one.  Identity will be hauling beats to 20 cities across the country so check below for the date nearest you.

Full List of Identity Festival Dates & Cities

Purchase Identity Festival tickets via Ticketmaster

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