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The M Machine – Promise Me A Rose Garden & Glow

Posted in Electro, Indie with tags , , , on October 19, 2011 by dissonantcognitions

The M Machine

Finally, a breath of fresh air in the electro scene!  Released yesterday on OWSLA, these two teaser tracks are signs of good things to come from new artists over at Skrillex’s up-and-coming powerhouse label.  “Promise Me A Rose Garden” is the perfect blend of indie-hip sound with an electro gold bump that deviates from the standard build-drop-wobble formula that has long been standardized.  “Glow” takes us a bit further down the indie road with the likeness of Family Force Five-style sounds shining alongside a track of delicate vocals.  The M Machine has found a recipe for explosion here and personally, I’m excited to see the flames kindle.

Promise Me A Rose Garden


Buy The M Machine – Promise Me A Rose Garden/Glow via Beatport

Download The M Machine – Promise Me A Rose Garden

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