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SOFI & Millions Like Us – Broken Souvenirs (Official Video)

Posted in Dubstep, Videos with tags , , on October 4, 2011 by dissonantcognitions

Full screen for HD!!

Woah.  Hold the phones.  Is that the badass chick from Deadmau5’s “One Trick Pony”? Damn right it is.  SOFI is back; and this time, she doesn’t need a ladder to get where she’s going.  Pairing up with dubstep act Millions Like Us, this fire-twirling feminista is in it for the kill.  The video couldn’t do a better job of representing the sheer darkness of the song’s overall tone and imagery .  Packed full of revenge, flames, breaking stuff, and gothic apparel, “Broken Souvenirs” will sear an impression in your eyes and ears for some time to come.  This is just the first peek of what SOFI’s upcoming tracks are going to taste like, so get hungry.  Someone get me this girl’s number.


Skrillex – First Of The Year – Official Music Video

Posted in Dubstep, Electro, Videos with tags , , , , , , on August 19, 2011 by dissonantcognitions

Woah.  This brand new video for Skrillex’s wildly popular front track off his most recent EP leaves me with a new appreciation for the songs brutality.  Apparently this would-be pedophile meets his match at the hands of the worlds most demonic little girl, ending in a creepy yet happy ending.  I won’t spoil it but this one deserves a watch.  Call 911 now!!

Skrillex - First Of The Year (Equinox)

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