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Flux Pavilion & Doctor P – “Superbad” Official Video

Posted in Dubstep, Experimental with tags , , , on December 13, 2011 by dissonantcognitions

Such a ridiculous video to go with a ridiculous song.  Actual instruments and jazz-funk style recording from dubstep artists?  “Superbad” itself is probably the strangest sounding song to come out of the Doctor P & Flux factory to date but hey, I’m not dumping on innovation.  Seems to me that this is just meant to be a novel piece of enjoyment, so smile and rock along to the weird.


T-Top – Sleepwalking

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Feast your sleepy heads on this trippy little ensemble.  Bringing a sound reminiscent of bare-bones electronic roots, T-Top provides a beautiful little piece of production that tickles my experimental fancy.  What makes this work in progress beautiful is that it doesn’t try to be anything that it’s not.  The production value is crisp and to the point, not trying to throw in any unfitting noise or distortion.  The sound is very reminiscent of what you would expect a dream or an old-school video game to sound like.   Always nice to see some experimentation with electronic roots.

R.N. Berretta – Revolution Rising

Posted in Electronic, Experimental with tags , on October 3, 2011 by dissonantcognitions

R.N. Berretta

Warning: this is not your standard Fine Tuned track.  If you’re looking for your typical electro song, this is not it.  However, if you are looking for something entirely new and mind-blowing, I dare you to venture further.  R.N. Berretta has sent some floor-bumping mashups our way since Fine Tuned’s initial launch, but this is a whole new game for us and for him.  This is a different category of musical innovation that does not yet have a definition.  If you have any appreciation for true musical prowess, then I have no doubts you will be as engrossed in these sound waves as I am.  Looking forward to more original pieces from this one.

Engine-EarZ Experiment

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Engine EarZ Experiment

Folks, here I bring you the next big thing.  Very rarely do you see such innovation in dubstep that almost makes an entirely different genre.  In the case of Engine-EarZ Experiment, innovation is the cornerstone of their game.  Unlike nothing I’ve ever heard before, these masterful engineers of sound combine classical with dubstep in a seamless reinvention.  I couldn’t just put down one song here so check out the two below.  Legitimate artists are hard to find, be sure to show them some love.

Download Nitin Sawhney – Daydream (Engine-EarZ Experiment Remix)

Download Nitin Sawhney – The Devil and Midnight (Engine-EarZ Experiment Remix)

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