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Afterhours In The Devil’s Den (FineTuned Mashup)

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Download FineTuned – Afterhours In The Devil’s Den

Excuse me while I blow the dust off this blog and prep you all for the triumphant return of Fine Tuned!  A lot has changed in my absence over the past few months – DJ sets are now in the works, Al Gore found footprints of ManBearPig (so he says), and corpses of Pompeii have risen from the dead to protest the 1% of museum artifacts having all the wealth.  Well, DJ sets at least.

I’m going to be migrating this site over to its own domain and ramping up the layout so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I figured it was time for me to put out a recording.  So here’s a little mashup I snipped from my live set.  The Devil’s Den, mau5ified and breakbeat’d for a pinch extra rage. Skrillmau5 FTW

Rage on, Ravemasters.


Avicii – Levels (Skrillex Remix)

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Avicii Skrillex

Are these two things even legally allowed to be present in the same song title?  I’m speechless.  Let’s face it, you know this song and you know Skrillex.  For me to even attempt to describe either would be blasphemous.  But I’m a reckless man so I’ll give you a hint at what you’re in for here.  The club, radio, and pop-hoppin’ “Levels” collides with the hardstyle production of the prince of modern dubstep in an epic remix for the ages. This sound is rockin’ for headbanging and dance floors at the same time.  Treat your ears to this collision of epic proportions.

Steve Aoki Ft. Rivers Cuomo – Earthquakey People (Alvin Risk Remix)

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Alvin Risk

More! More! Alvin Risk is absolutely on fire!  Following up his “Dirty Dancer” remix from early this week, this rising (perhaps shooting) star is back with another absolutely house-rocking banger.  Bringing in the hardcore moombahton/dubstep combo again, Alvin Risk has found the perfect formula to craft the post-modern dance song.  The breakdown in this song packs in sounds resembling both Major Lazer’s epileptic dance beats and Skrillex’s deep-bass synths.  If you like this, I’ve got yet another one from Alvin Risk coming later tonight.  Stay (fine) tuned and keep on the beat, baby.

Get Steve Aoki Ft. Rivers Cuomo – Earthquakey People (Alvin Risk Remix) via Beatport

Skrillex & The Doors – Breaking A Sweat

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Skrillex The Doors

Through the melding of sound waves, guitar strings, drum beats, organ keys, and vocal ambiance, generational icons meet for a collaboration defining the ages.  A 30+ year gap is brought together as the 23-year-old Skrillex met with classic rock icons, The Doors.  What resulted is nothing short of a masterpiece.  The Doors’ ground-breaking melodic sound from the 1970’s meets with the hard bass lines of modern dubstep forerunner, Skrillex, to make a perfect example of music’s timeless nature.  There was an energy created in this song that is here to stay and shape redefinition, as it did in the past.  Look for this track amongst other legendary collaborations in DJ Premier’s RE:Generation project.

Skrillex – Kyoto (Feat. Sirah) [Disics Extended Mix]

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I think I may have listened to this song over 25 times today.  And considering I woke up at 1, today has been short.  Why yes, that is “Ruffneck Bass” in the background (not “Ruffneck”).  Doing what he does best, Skrillex takes one of his own extremely popular unreleased tracks and chops and bends it till you can’t stop moving.  Per usual with these unreleased tracks, I’ve thrown up a high quality extended mix, this time from Disics (Thank you!).  This track rocks a sort-of moombah/dub flow that even a lot of “anti-brostep” crybabies might appreciate.  Then, as if dropped down upon these waveforms by the swift hand of the gods, Sirah comes in to absolutely tear apart a verse.  Yes, that’s right, hardcore female rapping and dubstep.  What more could you ask for? Oh yeah: Yo Skrill, drop it hard.

Download Skrillex – Kyoto (Feat. Sirah) [Disics Extended Mix]

Skrillex – Swing My Money (Savage vs. Caspa) (Mashup)

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Legitimately been stuck in my head all day.  Skrillex flexes his DJ muscle and throws together some UK dubstep from Caspa and the ever-popular “Swing” by Savage.  If you’ve had the experience of seeing him live like myself, you may have experienced him dropping this tune in the set list.  Due to the fact that the actual recording of Skrillex’s is an unreleased mashup, DJ Vation was nice enough to provide us all with this identical rendition.  Who says mashups are only for crap college rappers?

Download Skrillex – Swing My Money (Savage vs. Caspa) (Mashup)

Kaskade – Lick It (Feat. Skrillex)

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The man behind the street crowds of LA this past summer is about to start up another riot.  With the debut of his new album, Fire & Ice, we now have a whole new set of the house master’s club-ready tracks just waiting to be heard.  Dropping just yesterday, this album showcases a few collaborations from big names such as Dada Life, Inpetto, and Skrillex.  Piecing together Skrillex’s signature distorted bass with Kaskade’s well-known sound, this pairing sounds like it simply happened naturally.  With the potential to appease fans of house, electro, and even dubstep, Kaskade may have tapped into a new level of collaboration that bends genres and sounds alike.  Bump this funky jam and see what all the hype is about.

Buy Kaskade – Fire & Ice via iTunes

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