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T-Top – Sleepwalking

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Feast your sleepy heads on this trippy little ensemble.  Bringing a sound reminiscent of bare-bones electronic roots, T-Top provides a beautiful little piece of production that tickles my experimental fancy.  What makes this work in progress beautiful is that it doesn’t try to be anything that it’s not.  The production value is crisp and to the point, not trying to throw in any unfitting noise or distortion.  The sound is very reminiscent of what you would expect a dream or an old-school video game to sound like.   Always nice to see some experimentation with electronic roots.

Bump of the Day – Marcus Schossow – Snare

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If the waveform doesn’t say it all, there are no dead points in this euro-style hard trance spectacular.  Martin Schossow takes us back to an old-school feel to a sound of “club” long-lost to cliché hip hop and pop-house.  “Snare” packs a full-throttle underground trance/rave flow that hits harder than you would expect by fusing in some electro and distorted vocal elements.  Time to bring the entrancement back to the dance floor.

Check out the Marcus Schossow’s “Tone Diary” podcasts via iTunes

Richie Arci – LoveSong

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Richie Archie

I saw this in my inbox and couldn’t pass up listening to a cover of my favorite song from The Cure.  While a very (I mean very) different adaptation of the song, it’s a very listenable and smooth rendition of the 1980s legend’s immortal hit.  Essentially all the elements of electropop vocals are here, along with some trance-synths and a danceable beat.  Though it mat be a very far cry from The Cure’s style, this one will bring a modernized smile to fans with open arms.  Also check out the bumpin’ Electro Club edit.

Download Richie Arci – LoveSong

Also check out the bumpin’ Electro Club edit.

Bump of the Day – ATB – Ecstasy

Posted in Bump of the Day, Trance with tags , on November 3, 2011 by dissonantcognitions

ATB Ecstasy

Continuing my ambient fixation, this throwback jam from ATB lives up to exactly what the title says.  The vibes of this song provide nothing but the best euphoric auditory sensations coupled with gorgeously captivating vocals from Tiff Lacey.  One of ATB’s biggest hits to date, “Ecstasy” brings the somewhat underground Trance scene to the front door of mainstream popularity.  On the production end, delicate synths and a smooth Trance beat provide the perfect background for the now established hit to grace your speakers with the perfect tone.  ATB knows exactly what ecstasy is: a blissful combination of the elements of music enjoyed by the masses.  Get your fix.

Buy ATB – Ecstasy via iTunes

Shayning – Hulud

Posted in Dubstep, Trance with tags , on November 1, 2011 by dissonantcognitions

Shayning Halud

Brutality, meet serenity.  Two opposite worlds collide in this surreal work of art that has left me breathless.  Shayning craftily melds together utopia with chaos in this dreamscape of audio stimulation.  Loosely based on the theme from Dune, this track bring something to the field of dubstep that stands out beyond the definition of a genre.  Trance-like beats and grinding, yet subtle bass wobbles will rule the air as this track rides through your speakers.  Be on the lookout for the full EP, slated to come out in 2012.  Take note: this is the sound of progress.

Bump of the Day – Kaskade – Move For Me

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Come on you know this one.  This song literally puts me in a trance every time.  making such notable appearances as HBO’s Entourage and your local radio station, Kaskade really injected his name into house/trance culture with this one.  Sucker for angelic voices as i am, the vocals here compliment the delicate trance-like synth in a way that generates what I imagine heaven sounds like.  Press play, sit back, and enter the cloud of bliss.

Download Kaskade – Move For Me

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